It’s Not Effeminate To Look After Your Skin

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There is so much information flying back and forwards in this day and age about what a man should be. Should you be a metrosexual, spending as long in the bathroom getting ready to go out as the most fastidious of ladies? Should you be rugged, caring not one iota about such things as crow’s feet, laughter lines and body odour? Should you be some kind of mix, proving your macho credentials while at the same time displaying a certain appreciation for the things that make you handsome and desirable? One sure bet is that whatever you do, you will attract some flak from someone, so you are better off pleasing yourself in the end.

This does not mean just allowing your appearance to do as it wishes, of course. But there is a way of following a male skin care regime that does not make you a perfumed dandy who wishes he had been born female – if that’s what you are scared of. You can show some appreciation for the looks you have been blessed with and not come across as vain. It’s a matter of measure and balance, and if you get it right you will reap the rewards in the form of compliments and more. And the first thing to pay attention to is your shaving routine. It’s not just about splashing on a bunch of cologne after you’re done, and holding in an anguished yell of pain, anymore.

Firstly, you should prepare your skin before shaving. There are several good pre-shave treatments out there, and their benefit is something you will appreciate if you have been shaving for a while. They allow the razor to slide over the skin with a lot less friction than if you just daub on the shaving foam – or gel – and have at it with the razor. As a consequence, you take hair off your face without removing a few layers of skin while you are about it. Then when that is done, apply a good after shave balm. This will cool the skin where there has been friction, and replenish the moisture that has been taken away. And after all that? Then you can splash on the cologne – but remember that even the strongest men scream in pain sometimes.

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