Skin Care Products – Caring for Your Skin, or Careless for Your Bank Balance?

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There is a vast range of products on the market for people who want to get rid of facial blemishes and keep their skin looking fresh, clean and young. Some of these products really do work, and do the job for which they are intended. But it is always important to ensure that you get the right product for you, and to make sure that it is actually addressing the problem rather than masking it. In fact, this process can start when you see the product advertised. Certain give away words and terms can be very important in making sure you do not buy something that leaves you feeling like you have wasted your hard earned money.

You may well have seen ads for wrinkle cream, for example, which use the phrase “wrinkles appear reduced”. It sounds like a perfectly innocent phrase, and yet if you think about it, they do not say that wrinkles are reduced, do they? Why not? Because they aren’t. The wrinkles appear reduced because the active ingredient in the cream causes the skin to expand and stretch out where the wrinkles are. The actual wrinkle is no more reduced than if you had done nothing at all, which is why you need to keep applying the cream, and buy more when it runs out. No cream can actually reduce wrinkles, so it is a short term fix at best.

Another word to look out for is “can”. Very often you will be told that a product can have amazing effects. But this depends on a number of factors – factors which are essential in turning a “can” into a “does”, and these very factors can be inconvenient, expensive and in some cases downright impossible. Look out also for products which claim that in laboratory testing they proved to be far and away the best. Legally, the companies are required to include substantive proof that this is the case, and very often what transpires is that a small majority of people found that the product was helpful, within a laboratory sample in the low hundreds of people. Hardly conclusive.

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