Treatment to help acne scars

Acne Scar Treatment

Over the years acne scar treatments have improved allowing people to have a wider choice in the treatments available to them. However, these acne scar treatment methods are still painful in most cases and also are quite expensive; requiring multiple treatments and recovery time which means the individual is not able to work. In addition, most of the treatments are not covered under insurance plans so that the individual is forced to pay for the entire treatment out of pocket, something that many individuals are unable or unwilling to do. It would seem that the most effective acne scar treatment is to stop the scarring form occurring by not squeezing the acne and letting the skin heal by itself.

What to Expect from Acne Scar Treatment

For those with light scarring the best acne scar treatment is either laser resurfacing o dermabrasion. Although these are effective for light scarring, the cost is not light at all, running fifteen hundred dollars for each treatment of dermabrasion and three thousand dollars for each laser resurfacing treatment. Since more than one treatment is often needed with each of these techniques to get the desired results, a person can spend up to ten thousand dollars on treatments, which is not possible for many individuals. Along with this recovery time is needed for the acne scar treatment and this is usually around two weeks to allow time for scabs and swelling to heal therefore time off work will be needed.

Acne scar treatment is available for those who have deeper scars and the treatments include injections such as augmentation which helps with removing deep pock marks, also, surgery such as punch treatments and subcison are available. Each of these also takes significant time to heal, with augmentation being the quickest for healing time. Punch techniques and subcision are actually minor surgical procedures that require that the scar either be cut out or loosened from the base tissue so that blood and other tissue can grow below it and fill in the depression so that the scar comes up to the level of the other skin. These techniques are often used in conjunction with the dermabrasion and laser resurfacing so that the deeper acne scars are treated first and then the milder scarring is smoothed through the other techniques. Augmentation injects collagen into the depressions so that the scar is brought to the surface of the skin. This acne scar treatment process needs to be repeated every three to six months and needs to be repeated for life.

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