The Moment You Wake Up, Before You Put On Your Make-Up

March 9, 2009 by  
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Make-up is an essential part of many girls’ and ladies’ daily routine. It may be a case of a little bit of lipstick and some concealer and off you go, or it may be a more determined, more elaborate regime that requires getting up hours before work to make sure that everything is done to a T. But if you are one of those who feels naked without a decent covering of make-up, it is important to remember one thing – that stuff has to come off at night. All of it. As a preference you really should wear as little as you can, because while it may be a good way to show off your best features (and conceal those you’re not so fond of), make up stops your skin from doing some things it has to do.

Your skin, for starters, needs to breathe. That’s why you have pores. Without this necessary feature, your skin would clog up and you would break out in all kinds of blemishes. It also needs the space to keep itself cool, because if your skin reaches a certain point without being allowed to cool off it will begin to flush and look blotchy – something no amount of concealer can really hide. So if you can get away with a light dusting, do not go overboard and smother your skin. You will regret it. It is much, much better to allow one little blemish to go uncovered than to cause another several to spring up.

And at the end of the day, you have to take it off. There are so many reasons why, not least the dry-cleaning bill for your pillowcases if you allow them to become caked in make-up. But more importantly, if you do not allow your skin to be itself while you are asleep, you are simply adding more skin problems to the bargain. Sooner or later you will cause yourself problems that no amount of make up can conceal. And there is one final reason you should go easy on the make up – natural beauty wins out every time. You can ask anyone – the less make-up you wear the better you look.

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