The Doctor Knows Best – Sometimes

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If you are one of the many people who has problem skin, then you have in all probability spent a lot of time – and money – trying to correct the problem. Certainly when the problem is a new one, it is easy to get unrealistic hopes about the products available on the market which insist that they are the only one you will ever need, that they will catch and cure your problem and enable you to go about life without any further concerns. But the difficulty with mass marketed skin care solutions is that they are just that – mass marketed. Over the counter remedies for problem skin have the unavoidable drawback of trying to be all things to all customers – often with the result that they do not do much for some.

In such a situation, if you have found that mass marketed skin care products have failed you, there is a solution that some people don’t give much thought, but which can be hugely beneficial, and it is a quite simple one – ask your doctor. If you have a problem with your eyes, you will go and see an optician. If you have a problem with your skin, you could go and see an epidemiologist. But in the first instance, your General Practitioner can often diagnose and help you treat whatever is causing your problem skin. As a GP, there is little that they have not seen hundreds of times before. So you can tell them what is going on, and they can point you to a solution with a minimum of fuss.

This will often mean a prescribed solution. It may come as a bit of a shock to have something prescribed for a situation that many people seem to deal with without anything more drastic than a trip to the supermarket. But often the problem will be something more specialised than the mass market really addresses. And this can mean taking oral medication, or using a lotion prescribed by your GP. If either of these is the case, the advantage is that the prescribed solution will work more quickly – and more completely – than whatever you might find in the Skin Care aisle at the supermarket.

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