Acne – A Painful And Irritating Problem

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There are so many different problems that our skin can throw at us over the course of our lives, and it can seem dreadfully unfair when you finally get one to clear up and another instantly descends upon you. One of the most common problems – and one that has an unfortunate habit of persisting beyond adolescence – is that of acne. Caused by a blockage in the hair follicles on your skin, acne vulgaris is a problem that affects an amazing 85% of teenagers. Even the ones who appear to be completely fresh-faced often have problems with acne – and those problems are of a kind that can have an effect far beyond the cosmetic side of things.

There is little you can do to prevent acne if you are predisposed to it. A family history of acne is a likely sign that you will suffer it, especially as you go through puberty. But even if your adolescence is long past, it can crop up again – or even for the first time – well beyond your teenage years. In some cases, it has been thought to be a side-effect of stress. But one thing that can be guaranteed to bring on a case of acne is an imperfect skin care regime. And it is in the skin care regime that the best solutions to acne are found.

The chief cause of acne, especially in adolescents, is over production of the skin’s natural oil known as sebum. This is why it appears wherever there is a high concentration of sebaceous glands. Along with dirt, excess sebum provides the ideal conditions for acne to grow. So washing your face regularly is an excellent way of attacking acne on its own terms. Not only will you cut down the amount of excess sebum, but you will prevent the accumulation of anything that might become acne given the right conditions.

Acne is also known to become inflammatory. In these cases, a prescribed or store-bought anti-inflammatory medication can help a great deal, by stopping the acne from becoming itchy and painful. Consult a doctor before embarking on any course of medication, though.

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