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Severe Cystic Acne

When you find out that you have severe cystic acne it is has a great impact as it is the most difficult to treat. With severe cystic acne it is a very severe form of acne and its roots are deep and the consequences dire. Those with severe cystic acne they develop unsightly scars therefore it is important to find out how it can be treated and also how it can be treated.

Severe Cystic Acne is a Collection of Oil, Dirt and Bacteria

Acne is caused by a collection of oil, dirt as well as bacteria that become trapped together in the slightly larger pores of the skin or even follicles of hair. When these substances cannot escape through normal cleansing or washing of the face, they turn into ugly marks on the face. Once these marks become severe from the collection of dirt, bacteria and oil they affect the lower layers of the skin and from this it is able to breed and then form severe cystic acne. When these marks or pimples become very severe and the collection of oil, dirt and bacteria begins to affect the lower layers of the skin it starts to breed and causes severe cystic acne.

Bacteria begin to multiply and it affects the skin at very deep levels and so the problem turns into severe cystic acne. Therefore, the treatment of severe cystic acne is not the same as for other less severe instances of acne and must include more than simple topical ointments and regular rinsing of the face. Treatment that can help with severe cystic acne is the use of antibiotics to kill off the bacteria at the core.

Taking oral antibiotics can treat severe cystic acne but it is also worthwhile to consult a dermatologist who can recommend further treatments. Without timely intervention it will become very difficult, if not impossible, to remove the cystic acne scars caused by severe cystic acne. Thankfully, thanks to modern advances there are pain-free forms of severe cystic acne treatments available.

To help with healthy looking skin it is important to use acne skin care. Once you have found a treatment that will help with severe cystic acne and makes your skin appear healthier it will make you feel better and also more confident.

With severe cystic acne it can have varying effects depending on the person. Severe cystic acne can be treated with the right medications and will be able to overcome the condition without too much trouble.

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