Facial Scars caused by Acne

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Facial Acne Scars

If you think sensibly there are many things worse than having facial acne scars. Still having the cystic acne that caused the scars would be worse. One good thing about severe acne is that it usually goes way by the time you are an adult. Regular acne often never goes away, even well into middle age. Sometimes, it can be quite amusing to watch those who over react over a regular pimple when you have facial acne scar.

Use Make Up to Hide Facial Acne Scars

Facial acne scars were considered to be the norm centuries ago and were mainly found on men more so than women. Women could wear makeup to cover up facial acne scars, but until a few years ago, it was not socially acceptable for men to wear thick makeup. Today, many actors on the stage and television have been able to have successful careers even with facial acne scars when using makeup or not to hide the scarring.

When someone makes fun of or points out your facial acne scar, it is usually the case that they have something they want to hide themselves. By pointing attention to your facial acne scar, they are really trying to stop you from finding the “scars” on them. They are so worried that they are going to be exposed to the light (their cellulite, their lies, their tax fraud or whatever) that they will try to get everyone distracted by you instead. But if they do pick on your facial acne scar do not worry too much as they will pick on others too.

Keep Your Facial Acne Scar In Perspective

When someone has a physical problem they feel that it is an obvious deformity that cannot be hidden. It also could be something like having one leg shorter than the other. People around the person may not care or take notice that they have a slight imperfection but to the person who has it, they feel that it is blatantly visible and feel that they are not normal.

It is worth realizing that what seems like an imperfection to you, such as a facial acne scar, is not to others as they are too busy thinking about their own imperfections. Most people probably aren’t even aware of your facial acne scars unless you mention them. If you have darker skin this will help to mask the facial acne scars and valleys from other people’s eyes.

You can treat your facial acne scars but it is important to consult a doctor before doing anything drastic.

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